About Us

We aim to create world-class living and working environments.

Our projects are client-focused, design centered, and offer solution-oriented services to discerning clients.

We stand for trust, reliability, and innovation across all domains.

Our Values


To create unique, secure, and high value property that offers our clients a superior living experience

Our Team

Coxswain team ensures that each project they undertake are design-led innovations that meet the stringent quality standards and attention to detail.


Our commitment to quality and innovation is seen in every aspect of our business

Why Choose Us?

premium apartments in Calicut


We only proceed upon completion of all statutory requirements before making it public. This not only gives us immense confidence in approaching our customers but also helps us deliver on committed timelines.


Quality is of utmost importance to us and our passion for detail and craftsmanship will ensure that we won’t compromise on the Design Elements and Products used in Building.

Our Vendors

Our vendors are handpicked by the core team. This not only ensures a very high quality of workmanship but also helps meet the stringent timelines


We believe in technology and we use the latest technology in each of our building development. Starting right from construction, the security systems, Coxwain projects are a company that are the best in class.


Our rigid date plans ensure that you are updated on each of the Building Process.
This ensures that right from Building to complete construction, you will be notified until delivery of final project.