Kozhikode (Calicut) , the best place to reside in


Kozhikode ranked as the second best city in India to reside in based on the data compiled by economics research firm “Indicus Analytics” on residences, earnings and investments.

In the classical city of Calicut modernity lies in fusion with antiquity, where every monument has a glorious past and every street has a story to tell. In the middle ages the city was dubbed as “city of spices”. It acted as a centre of world trade, thousands of ships vied with each other to reach its shores. Even today it continues to be a flourishing centre of domestic as well as international trade. It acts as a throbbing marketing centre for pepper, coconut, rubber etc.


The main are of business from time immemorial was “Valiyangadi” with changing times the focus was shifted to “Mithai Tehruvu” (Sweetmeat Street). The city has multiple malls HiLITE mall(2nd largest mall), Focus mall ( 1st mall in Kerala) and RP mall being prominent among them.


Places of attraction

Kozhikode Beach
Valiyangadi Market
Mananchira Pond
Sweet Meat Street

Mavoor Road
Sarovaram Bio-park
Tali Shiva Temple
Kuttichira Mosque

Kappad Beach
Beypore sea bridge
Kirtads Museum
Thusharagiri Falls